Saudi Arabia.. Discovery of a rocky pool of water in the Hasma Mountains

Amidst the unique rock formations in the Hasma desert, which was formed over millions of years in northwest Saudi Arabia, a rocky pool of water hides that may have been a watering station for caravans throughout the civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula.

The blog of travel experiences in Saudi Arabia, "Sheila Russell", discovered this rocky pond, carefully hidden between the folds of the "Hasma" mountains in the Tabuk region, and located within the "NEOM" project, by chance, and the British blogger seeks to explore the hidden gems by studying maps of the sites that You visit.

Open Nature Museum

She explained that she was on a trip to explore the "Hasma" desert, which is an open natural museum of geological formations. And between the folds of one of the rocks of the mountains I came across this rocky pool full of water.

The British blog also pointed out that the pond has a narrow channel, which allows the flow of rainwater that falls on the rocks of the mountains, and collects in the rocky pond below.

rock formations

It is noteworthy that the unique rock formations in the mountains of the Hasma desert are due to the erosion factors that have passed through this region over the years, to make of them exquisite aesthetic paintings that are rare in the world. Earth's reservoirs of groundwater, and the ages of these rocks and formations extending between 542 million years to 488 million years.