Why an old car will ruin more in an accident than a modern one - Life hack

Unfortunately, accidents happen to every car enthusiast. Especially in the metropolis. Either you came to someone's bumper, or "flew" into you. Let's skip the formalities when registering an accident. We are interested in the "iron" side of the issue, that is, how to restore the car.

It seems that a new car is more expensive to repair. After all, this will have to be done at a dealer using branded spare parts, and body repair services here are much higher than those of unofficial ones. In fact, everything is not so simple.

A used car in repair may be much more expensive. The fact is that even if he never got into a variation in his “life”, no one canceled the factor of metal fatigue. Add here the possible corrosion of hidden cavities and welds. As a result, it turns out that even with a minor accident, the damage will be much more serious. A “fresh” car will withstand a blow, while an old one will have a strong body.

As a result, the doors, the trunk can jam, or even worse, the geometry will be broken. Such repairs will require significant financial costs. And if rust still interferes with the matter, you will have to additionally clean the body from it, straighten and straighten it. It may also be necessary to replace the door, which was crushed due to deformation of the body ...