3 new local infections in Beijing and 1 new infection with delta variant

Original title: Beijing added 3 local infected people and 1 infected with delta variant

Beijing News Express (Reporter Dai Xuan) Beijing held the 268th press conference on epidemic prevention and control today (January 18). Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that three new local infections were reported in Beijing.

Pang Xinghuo said that from 0:00 on January 17 to 15:00 on January 18, Beijing added 2 new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia and 1 positive nucleic acid test.

Confirmed case 1 lives in Boya West Park, Nongda South Road, Shangdi Street, Haidian District. She is the mother who reported the confirmed case on January 15. The address of her work unit is No. 2 Information Road, Shangdi District, Haidian District. On January 15, he was transferred to a centralized isolation point as a close contact. On January 17, he developed symptoms such as fever and throat discomfort, and the nucleic acid test result was positive. It was later diagnosed as a confirmed case, and the clinical classification was mild, and it has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment.

Confirmed case 2 is currently living in the first phase of Baiwang Jasmine Garden, Yongfeng Road, Malianwa Street, Haidian District. He was quarantined at home as a high-risk group on January 15. He developed fever symptoms on January 17 and was diagnosed as a confirmed case on January 18. The clinical type was mild, and he was transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment.

The person with positive nucleic acid test lives in Shigezhuang Village, Pingfang Township, Chaoyang District, and will come to Beijing to work in November 2021. He developed cold symptoms around January 14. He went to the nucleic acid testing point in Chaoyang District for nucleic acid testing on January 17. On the morning of January 18, he reported that the nucleic acid test result was abnormal. If the specific mutation site of the delta variant is positive, the patient should be contacted immediately and controlled on the G1085 train bound for Weihai. It has been transferred to a designated hospital in Beijing for isolation and treatment.

At present, epidemiological investigations and close contact tracing have been carried out on the above-mentioned confirmed cases and those with positive nucleic acid tests, investigations have been carried out on the risk points involved, and various types of risk personnel have been classified and controlled.

Beijing News reporter Dai Xuan

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