A gypsy dragged the dog tied to his car, see his explanation


Gypsies dragged the dog with “Audi” in the White Latin village of Altimir, BulNews writes. The atrocity against the animal was filmed by Petar Kozhuharov, who was passing through the village yesterday at noon.

For a short time, the video, published by the witness of the cruel act, provoked a stormy reaction on social networks. Thanks to the quick reaction of the police in Byala Slatina, the perpetrators were found. It turned out that these were gypsies from the village.

According to them, the animal was sick and died, after which it began to decompose. They wanted to throw the body away because of the smell, but there was nowhere to put it and tied it with a rope to the car. However, this does not justify the way the Roma have chosen to transport the dog’s body. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted and work on the case continues.


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