Amazon Blocks 600 Chinese Brands Permanently For Review Fraud

Amazon said it has blocked 600 Chinese brands on 3,000 seller accounts. This is the culmination of 5 months of harsh administrative measures against partners: the ban was made for a deliberate, repeated and significant violation of Amazon policy, especially regarding abuse in reviews.


The South China Morning Post was the first to report the mass blocking, citing an interview with Amazon Asia vice president on state television. The online retailer was forced to take harsh measures after Wall Street Journal journalist Nicole Ngyuen reported that little-known companies like RavPower were offering gift cards in exchange for reviews. Amazon banned the practice of encouraged reviews in 2016, but it turned out to be not so simple: some of these offers were disguised as VIP testing or extended warranty programs. Other players practiced material incentives only after the user left a bad review – a brand representative offered a free product or a “refund” without a return of the product, in exchange it was necessary to remove the negative review.

The site has not yet provided a list of brands that have come under the sanctions. In May, the Aukey brand was blocked, although in July it was still selling headphones under the sub-brand. A Choetech wireless charger and RavPower battery were recently spotted in virtual showcases. In early July, the company that owns the Shenzhen Youkeshu Technology (YKS) brand reported that Amazon had closed 340 YKS online stores and froze its assets worth more than $ 20 million. The South China Morning Post again reported on the incident, noting that YKS was one of the largest Chinese sellers on the platform.

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Below is the full text of Amazon’s statement.

“Amazon is working hard to make our store as user-friendly as possible so that shoppers can purchase with confidence and sellers can grow their businesses in a healthy competitive environment. Buyers rely on the accuracy and authenticity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions, and we have a clear policy for reviewers and channel partners that prohibits abuse of community capabilities. We implement temporary and permanent bans and initiate legal action against those who violate this policy, wherever they are.

We will continue to improve [механизмы] identify abuse and take enforcement action [воздействия] against dishonest individuals, including those who knowingly commit multiple and repeated policy violations, including abuse of reviews. We are convinced that the steps we take are working in the best interest of our customers and [представителей] honest business that make up the vast majority of our international trading community “.

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