China Experiences Covid Explosion Again, Residents Are Ordered to Stay Home!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A city in southeast China, Xiamen, reported another case of Covid-19 on Saturday (18/9/2021). Local residents are advised to stay at home and close various public places as the virus spreads during the holiday season.

Xiamen is one of four cities in Fujian province with a population of approximately 5 million people. This city is hotspot new coronavirus in China which has reported cases of COVID in recent days.

As reported by Reuters, Sunday (19/9/2021) local residents were asked not to leave their homes if there was no need and to close parks, entertainment venues to sports venues, and stop mass activities including holiday trips, exhibitions and shows.

Consideration of this limitation will lead to lockdown the total starting from the first of the four-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday period. Usually, this period is the peak of the travel season throughout China.

A number of restrictions have been implemented, including a ban on visiting the Xiamen housing complex without approval, and prohibiting non-essential vehicle traffic from entering and exiting residential areas. Furthermore, it is forbidden to eat in restaurants and cafes and other places.

Previously, the Xiamen transportation hub had also reported 92 cases of COVID-19 in the past week. That is half the number of cases in Putian, where the first infection was reported on September 10.

Xiamen authorities on Monday (13/9/2021) said the first patient in the Xiamen cluster had close contact with the case in Putian. Then, the two cities started testing and tracing throughout the city on Tuesday (14/9/2021).

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Meanwhile, since September 10, Fujian province has reported 292 cases of COVID-19. The outbreak comes ahead of the week-long National Day holiday that begins on October 1. This period is a much busier tourist season than the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The last local outbreak occurred in late July to August and spread to dozens of cities in China. This again put pressure on China’s tourism, hotel and transportation sectors.

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