Education once again increases the offer of advanced levels in language learning


The Department of Education of the Government of Aragon has once again increased the offer of advanced levels in learning foreign languages ​​and this Thursday, September 23, the registration period for students who want to access the teachings taught in the Language Schools of Aragon or its extensions in a course that will increase the offer of advanced levels in language learning.

In relation to the educational offer of the official language schools, which last year had around 15,000 students, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon increases the offer of levels C1 and C2 in English and French with the aim to meet the growing demand.

Thus, for the first time, the EOI of Huesca plans to teach the C2 level of French. On the other hand, the offer of English is consolidated with an increase in the number of groups in Zaragoza capital, reaching 22 throughout the Community, which could serve more than 500 male and female students. In addition, this C2 level is also started in the EOI of Monzón.

Likewise, the educational offer throughout the Community continues to increase, introducing the C1 level of French in the EOI of Tarazona and completing the educational levels started in all languages ​​during the 2020-2021 academic year, both in the 12 official language schools and in the 19 extensions they depend on. Among the levels that are completed, the C1 of Italian in the EOI Fernando Lázaro Carreter stands out.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the blended modality was also started in some schools for courses of different languages ​​and levels on an experimental basis.

This modality is characterized by a hybrid teaching in which the students attend 50 percent of the classes in person and work independently online through the virtual classroom. After analyzing the results of this pilot initiative, the offer will be maintained during this course in the schools of Barbastro, Teruel, Alcañiz, Calatayud and Ejea de los Caballeros.


The blended modality for the 2021-2022 academic year is applied to some groups of French, English, German and Catalan, of intermediate and advanced levels, stages in which students have greater autonomy for self-learning.

Another important novelty for this academic year is that the Department of Education plans to return to face-to-face teaching in all groups and languages, replacing alternate teaching in which classes were held in the largest groups last year, such as part of the exceptional prevention, containment and coordination measures that were put in place to avoid contagion, thus ensuring that the maximum number of students in the classroom did not exceed 15.

On the other hand, the flexibility of the assessment is also maintained for this course, as established for the 2020-2021 academic year, requiring 50 percent in the five language activities for the certification of levels B and C with the so that students are not harmed by situations derived from the health crisis.

In the same way, the measures relating to not counting the maximum number of years in which students can enroll in the same course are still in force and not counting absences for the reservation of the right to place. These extraordinary measures affect all levels and modalities of teaching, including the distance program “That’s English!”, The Government of Aragon reported in a press release.

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