European Commission will not allow smugglers into EU countries / Article

The European Commission has announced that it is proposing a legal framework to deny third-country carriers of illegal migrants and asylum seekers access to the European Union – to enter EU ports, to fly across the EU, to enter the EU.

A strong signal to migrant carriers

It will also be banned from leasing aircraft to Belavia, a Belarusian airline that mainly uses a fleet of leased aircraft.

The EC believes that this package will send a strong signal to all transport companies to switch to the desire to earn money for migrants.

EU High Representative Joseph Borrell also said that the flow of migrants to Europe was organized by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, although Lukashenko himself denied this in an interview with the BBC.

The European Union is also trying to clarify the situation in migrants’ countries of origin so that people do not fall into the trap of Lukashenko’s promise to get to Europe.

Brussels promises help to border countries

The EC also emphasized that it would increase financial assistance to all countries affected by the hybrid attack in Belarus – Poland, Lithuania and Latvia – so that they could build a strong border system, but would not pay to build a fence.

The EC has also pledged € 3.5 million to organize the return of migrants from Belarus to their home countries. An agreement has already been reached with Iraq to help migrants return to life after returning home.

It is emphasized in Brussels that migrants have only two routes to the Belarusian border – either to return to their country of origin or to seek asylum in Belarus, which should theoretically be possible in accordance with international standards.

Svetlana Cihanouska, the leader of the Belarusian opposition living in exile, will speak to MEPs on Wednesday. She believes that the EU’s previous sanctions against the Minsk regime have not been effective, but that the forthcoming 5th round of EU sanctions could start to trouble the Lukashenko regime if it targets state-owned companies and banks.

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Cihanouska calls on European leaders to stop all communication with Lukashenko. He has recently been contacted by outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but the EC’s common position is not to speak to Lukashenko.


In the summer of 2021, the number of migrants trying to enter the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland illegally increased significantly. Most migrants have come from Iraq.

Officials in the Baltic states and Poland said the Belarusian authorities deliberately did not obstruct the crossing of the border in order to punish them for supporting the Belarusian opposition and sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

The European Union describes this as a hybrid war and promises to help strengthen the EU’s external border.

On November 8, a large group of migrants gathered at the Belarusian border with Poland in an attempt to enter the European Union, but Poland refuses to allow these people because they believe they are not “refugees” but “tourists” who have come to Belarus voluntarily.

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