Experts: ‘Limit use of aspirin against heart attack’

The experts are proposing new guidelines, the New York Times reported. Doctors should no longer routinely prescribe a daily low-dose aspirin (up to 100 milligrams) to patients at high risk of having a first heart attack or stroke.

Growing Evidence

The panel bases the proposed recommendation on growing evidence that the risk of serious side effects far outweighs the benefit of what was once considered a remarkably inexpensive weapon in the fight against heart disease. The new guideline does not apply to people who are already taking aspirin or who have already had a heart attack.

Aspirin inhibits the formation of blood clots that can block arteries. But regular use can quickly increase the risk of bleeding, especially in the digestive tract and brain. The dangers increase with age.

Recommendation withdrawn

The US panel also plans to withdraw its 2016 recommendation to take aspirin for colorectal cancer prevention, a guideline that was groundbreaking at the time. The panel said more current data has raised questions about its purported benefits and that more research is needed.

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