Firm! This is the reason Indro Warkop reprimands Warkop


Later, three men emerged calling themselves a group called Warkopi. The three of them are judged to be similar to personnel Warkop DKI.

Unfortunately, the emergence of the controversy. Indro Warkop even firmly reprimanded the three.

Not because he doesn’t like people trying to be similar to Warkop DKI, Indro said that his group has Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI).

Initially there was a netizen who asked about the controversy that surfaced on Instagram. Then Indro Warkop also responded.

“The Warkop has HAKI (Intellectual Property Rights) which are held by all the children of Dono Kasino Indro… in art there is ethics… those you mean are very, very coordinated and managed…” Indro wrote in reply.

“So you yourself think where the error is … it’s a pity they actually … become the object of the “boss”,” he added.

Netizens agree with Indro Warkop. Some people think that copyright matters can’t be bothered.

“It’s really bad if the basic things related to ‘copyright’ are like this, you don’t know. Or pretend you don’t know,” wrote a netizen.

Several others, although supporting Indro Warkop’s move to give a warning, also suggested that Warkop could be directed to imitate the success of his predecessors.

“Direct mentors, face-to-face it’s quite entertaining or a little similar, just the jokes are the same as the jokes they haven’t mastered. If they can be successful, they can help,” wrote a netizen.

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