Former Montluçon chief of staff Yves Lasmartres bounces back in Auxerre

The former chief of staff of the city of Montluçon, Yves Lasmartres, continues his career in Yonne. He was presented Thursday, September 24, to the municipal council of the city of Auxerre, as the chief of staff of the new mayor, Crescent Marault (LR).

The former director of the Montluçon cabinet sentenced but exempted from punishment

Yves Lasmartres, man in the shadow of Daniel Dugléry (LR) for seventeen years, was dismissed in 2018 for serious misconduct after going on vacation with a service car and having unfolded a police sun visor in a parking lot in the dune of Pilat (Gironde), which had earned him a conviction by the Bordeaux Criminal Court for “public use without vehicle rights with identical signs to the police”.

The former chief of staff of the mayor of Montluçon dismissed for serious misconduct



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