Helena (1) is fighting for her life


20. September 2021 – 10:53 clock

Disastrous doctors mistake

A one-year-old girl is fighting for her life after doctors repeatedly refused to take a severe rash seriously, the family said. Little Helena Cristina from Brazil reportedly had a reaction to the drug she was taking for her seizures. Now she is fighting for her life.

An antibiotic made everything worse

Little Helena Cristina is now being treated in a hospital in the municipality of Anapolis in the Brazilian state of Goias. Up to this point, however, it was a tough fight, because father Hugo Cristiano Penno da Silva and mother Luana were not taken seriously by doctors and rejected again and again. Although the little one had a bad rash all over her body, she was not treated. It was just a viral infection or a harmless dermatological disease, the doctors said. Eventually the medics prescribed the little girl an antibiotic for the rash – but this only made things worse.

Little Helena was turned down several times with her rash.

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Seizures followed

Because instead of improving, Helena Cristina’s health got worse and worse. The rash spread all over my body and had sudden seizures. Again and again the parents desperately sought help from doctors, but no one wanted or was able to help.

However, when her condition almost couldn’t get any worse, the doctors found that the seizures were caused by the antibiotic. The little fighter currently has to be artificially ventilated in the intensive care unit. “The doctors have decided to intubate her so that she doesn’t have to suffer,” reports father Hugo Cristiano Penno da Silva to the Brazilian news magazine “G1”. But he and his wife do not give up and firmly believe that their little Helena Cristina will win the fight against her illness: “It is very difficult not to be shocked when you see something like this happening to your own daughter. But me I am confident that the doctors can help her recover. ” (kse)

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