Her body hung on a window… an Indian actress was killed in a mysterious way

In a tragic accident, the Indian authorities found the body of the famous actress Sahana in Kerala, coinciding with her birthday, corresponding to May 13.

Sahana’s body was found hanging on the window sill of her home in Parambil Bazar, where the body was discovered in a mysterious way, according to the Indian Express magazine.

The police also detained her husband, Sajjad, as Sahana’s parents claimed that their daughter had died of a murder, in which they accused the husband of carrying out.

The police stated that Sahana had been married to Sajjad for a year and a half, during which time she was exposed to domestic violence.

At the time of the discovery of Sahana’s body, news circulated that the actress who starred in the movie “Lock Down” had committed suicide.

Her mother denies that she committed suicide

For her part, Sahana’s mother denied the circulating news of her daughter’s suicide, indicating that the latter was subjected to spousal abuse, and that her husband did not support her properly, in addition to hitting her often.

Sahana’s mother told local media: “My daughter will not die by suicide. She was killed. She used to complain to me that her husband was beating her and did not feed her properly. She was tortured, she was tortured, she was killed, and the police should investigate and give my daughter justice.”

Sahana’s parents also accused her husband, Sajjad, of physical violence.

Sahana and her husband Sajjad’s differences

According to police reports, the couple had many quarrels over money because Sahana’s husband is unemployed.

Their homeowner reportedly said in a police statement, “I heard Sajjad’s call for help and rushed home. I saw his wife lying on his lap when I entered the house. When I asked him what happened, he said she didn’t respond, so I asked him to take her to the hospital. Here in five minutes.”


For their part, a number of Sahana’s colleagues expressed their shock at the news of the suicide of the young Indian actress, and many demanded the opening of an official, comprehensive and urgent investigation so that the real killer is identified in the event that her parents’ testimony is proven, or it is an ordinary suicide accident.

Sahana has appeared in several advertisements for jewelry and has also acted in the movie Lock Down directed by martial arts coach Julie Bastian, which is due to be released soon.

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