How to prevent tick-borne diseases

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[시사매거진] Andong City Public Health Center has urged caution not to be bitten by ticks during outdoor activities as the tick outbreak mediated by ‘SFTS (Severe Fever Thrombocytopenia Syndrome)’ has arrived.

In particular, he emphasized that he should wear long-sleeved and long clothes, separate daily clothes from work clothes, check for signs of tick bites after returning home, and follow precautions such as taking a shower immediately.

It is known that ‘SFTS’ is mediated by the small Sophie mite distributed throughout Korea. It mainly occurs in the elderly who live in rural areas, and the proportion of agricultural and forestry workers is high, and most of the patients occur between April and November, when ticks are active.

If you are bitten by a tick, you must remove it in a certain direction with tweezers or a card. If you have a high fever (38-40℃) or digestive symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) within 2 weeks of outdoor activities, you should immediately visit a medical institution for treatment. .

A public health center official said, “There is no treatment or vaccine for SFTS so far, so it is best to treat it according to the symptoms and minimize contact so as not to be bitten by a tick.”

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