It wasn’t about money. Kylian Mbappé has revealed why he decided to stay at PSG for another three years

His transfer to Real Madrid would be a final deal. Already last summer, there was almost nothing else in the football world in terms of transfers. After the end of this season, however, everything changed for Kylian Mbappý. The Frenchman decided to sign a contract in Paris for another three years. And in this case, money was not at all about money.

He was previously hailed as a new player by Real Madrid fans, but French striker Kylian Mbappé eventually gave them a basket. She decided to stay in her hometown, her country of origin, and a team with which she always wanted to do great things. Major league Ligue 1 has signed a contract with PSG until 2025.

“It was a difficult decision. Football is my life. That’s what I know. I wanted to have time to choose the best. I did it for myself. Everyone knows I wanted to leave last year because I thought it was It was a good thing to do then. One year passed and things changed. In terms of sports and personality, “ Mbappé made himself heard at a press conference Sunday.

How is it possible that he finally changed his mind? Football fans and experts ask about this. They say the role is played by a new contract, according to which Mbappé is coming up with a signing bonus of 300 million euros, and is taking another 100 million a year after tax. In addition, he should have a say in choosing new reinforcements or coaches.

But that’s not what he thought.

Director and player in one person

Due to the decision to stay in Paris, where Mbappé came in 2018, he lost 700,000 followers on Instagram in one day, but it is clear that it was the people of Madrid. On the contrary, the club’s supporters in the French capital were happy. He will play, take care of the running of the team and pay for the biggest star. But there are other reasons to stay.

“I know how important it is for me to stay in my country. I grew up here, I live here and it would be hard for me to go. So my decision has a sentimental aspect. It’s just my country.” Mbappé thinks. He himself knows that he is apparently a little angry with Real Madrid fans, but even the best shooter and assistant in Ligue 1 last season sent a clear message.

“I know they are ashamed. But I hope he understands my move. Every time I played there, they accepted me. I would like to thank them,” added 2018 world champion.

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