izzi invests 40 million dollars in bringing its fiber optic services to municipalities in the State of Mexico and Durango

izzi invests 40 million dollars in bringing fiber optics to 6 municipalities.

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izzi invests 40 million dollars in bringing fiber optics to 6 municipalities.

The telecommunications company izzi, of Grupo Televisa, reported this Monday that it will reach municipalities in the State of Mexico and Durango with fiber optics. This is the most efficient fixed technology to transport telecommunications services.

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To achieve this, the company allocated an investment of approximately 40 million dollars (mdd), Ricardo Villa, head of izzi in the Metro-sur division, said at a virtual press conference.

In addition, Villa pointed out that most of the investment was used to deploy the fiber optic network —which allows high data transmission speeds—; in addition, the creation of points of sale and offices for around 400 people, direct employees of the company.

izzi is the largest platform aggregator For video streaming, we offer pay TV subscribers an Android box, which has Google Assistance — integrated into the remote control—, has Chromecast and the possibility of making 4K videos; downloads, applications, etcetera, ”said Villa.

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The municipalities that will have izzi services with fiber optics to the home, with the potential to reach 464,000 clients altogether, are:

  • Durango
  • Toluca
  • Metepec
  • San Mateo Atenco
  • Lerma and
  • Zinacantepec.

izzi brings its fiber optic services to municipalities where there is already this service

During the virtual meeting with the press, izzi managers in the Metro-South and North regions pointed out that the company’s packages start at 390 pesos per month. However, new customers can access promotions by porting their phone line to izzi and other discounts.

“We have discounts ranging from 110 to 180 pesos for four months. By carrying the telephone line, we have an additional bonus of 1,200 pesos a year, “said Villa.

In those municipalities, Telmex or Telnor, América Móvil companies, They already have a presence with packages that start at 349 pesos just for the internet service.

At the end of June 2020, the companies of América Móvil had a national participation of 48.4% of fixed internet connections. Meanwhile, Grupo Televisa achieved 24.8% participation, according to data from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

Regarding pay television, Televisa and its six companies in that service covered 64.9% of the market. Its closest competitor is Megacable-MCM with a 16.1% stake.

Despite the competition, Villa estimates that izzi could add 500,000 households in those municipalities, “depending on customer acceptance.”

izzi is looking for clients in 6 municipalities where it launches fiber optics

The izzi fiber optic deployment it took about 13 months. René Bortoni, head of izzi in the northern division, explained that this period ranges from:

  • Resource planning
  • Deployment
  • Network testing
  • Until the connection of the first user to this service.

In addition, users and potential customers can compare prices and number of complaints from companies. Before hiring the services of any telecommunications company, you can verify them through the IFT portals:

Of the 5,202 complaints of telecommunications users in the country, 39.5% are concentrated in the City and State of Mexico. Meanwhile, Durango only represented 0.6% of complaints at the end of June 2021, according to the IFT.

Among the complaints that the Soy User platform received, the majority were due to failures in internet and landline services. According to the most recent report from this platform, the operators with the most complaints were:

  • Telmex, with 1,837 complaints
  • Megacable, with 527
  • izzi, 520
  • Telcel, 517
  • AT&T, 506 y
  • Totalplay, 307.

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