Johnny Depp’s lawyer reacts to rumors of his alleged romance with the actor


Apart from his good work in court, where he put Amber Heard to try to discredit her arguments about the violence that the actress would have suffered at the hands of her ex-husband Johnny Deppthe actor’s lawyer, Camilla Vasquez, These days he is reaping an unexpected prominence, and not at all desired, about the apparent complicity that he would have exhibited with his famous client during some moments of the media trial.

A photo from the last oral hearing portrays Vasquez placing his hand on the arm of the Hollywood star, who in turn directs her lawyer a grimace that has been interpreted as a shy smile.

That and other images have led certain Internet users and the media to speculate about a possible romance between the two, a theory that has now been denied by sources close to the jurist.

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In fact, when asked directly about this matter, The lawyer he has limited himself to directing a smile to the journalists to settle the conversation.

Camille Vasquez, 37, is one of the most prestigious lawyers in her firm, and is not for less.

The young woman graduated from the University of Southern California with the highest honors and today works as a full partner in her office, all after gaining more than valuable experience in the field of sexual and workplace harassment, especially in as far as dismantling false or distorted stories is concerned.

One of the most outstanding moments of his intervention this week, as captured by the cameras that were in the courts of Fairfax, Virginia, is linked to the entry into the scene of the knife that Amber gave to her then-husband, whose inscription read ‘Hasta la muerte’, at a time when the interpreter allegedly feared for her life due to the artist’s alleged physical and psychological attacks.

Origen latino

Camille was born in California, United States, but it has Latin origins, precisely from Colombia. The legal professional can speak the Spanish language perfectly.

In addition, not only is she an expert in strategies to defend her clients from offensive and defensive litigation, but she also won the One To Watch award this year, which is given to the best lawyers in the United States of America.

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