Latest news house 2 for today September 20, 2021

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today September 20, 2021:

  1. Alexey Adeev claims that he did not return as a participant on the TV project House 2, and was invited by an expert to the contest “Person of the Year”. Also in the studio were the mother of Anastasia Bigrina, who came to support her daughter, and the grandmother of Ekaterina Gorina.
  2. Alexey Kupin told subscribers that to him younger sister came to visit, which he has not seen for 5 years (according to Maya Dontsova – 6 years). The former participant of House 2 is happy to see his own blood and declares that his sister Eva will now live with him. For what reason he kept it a secret for so many years that his mother has another child is unknown.
  3. Katya Gorina admitted that it was difficult for her to participate in the second round of the Man of the Year contest, because the participants were frightened by snakes, maggots and cockroaches. Anastasia Bigrina passed the test with honor. The participants predict that Nastya will win the competition, but, according to rumors, Anna Madan and Evgeny Romashov will fight in the final.
  4. Boris Karpov is looking for a girl on the project with whom he will be on the same wavelength. Like Bonnie and Clyde to be together against the whole world. It is rather strange that he did not get along with Nadezhda Ermakova, who has the same dreams.
  5. Irina Penguinova and Dmitry Chaikov flew to Moscow as soon as the weather turned bad in Sochi. Ira decided to come to Sochi with her daughter Milana on vacation as often as possible, but she has a lot to do in the capital and will have to live there. Will she be able to maintain relations with Dmitry Tchaikov in Moscow?
  6. Irina Pinchuk shared her observations with fans. Her son David, who is difficult to calm down and put to bed, suddenly fell in love with lying on the washing machine in the bathroom. Ira puts the baby next to her when she puts on makeup, and the baby falls asleep looking at the walls and ceiling.
  7. Maria Kokhno again talked about returning to reality show… This time Masha claims that she was given 5 days to make a decision. Will she be able to combine life at House 2 and work outside the perimeter?
  8. Anastasia Parshina and Nikita Umansky are keeping the intrigue – the subscribers of the former participants of House 2 are sure that they made up when they celebrated 6 months of their son Adrian. At the same time, Umansky does not hide the fact that Anastasia Balinskaya lives in his rented apartment, with whom they have fun.
  9. Latest news house 2 from for today 09/20/2021 – During the voting “natural selection” the project was left by Alexander Barannikov. The guy failed to build a relationship and fulfill his dream – to create a YouTube channel about travel.


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