Maite Perroni clarifies pregnancy rumors with Andrés Tovar

A little over a month after Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar will confirm their romance, the actress and the producer were involved in rumors that they would be expecting their first baby together. Apparently, the couple was accelerated in making their relationship public to reveal the pregnancy in a couple of days, a rumor that reached the ears of the former RBD and that he clarified before various media.

“It is news that the day it is true, I will be the first to want to share it with all of you with great emotion”The singer also said when asked if it was true that she was waiting for the stork. “When that happens I will be more than happy to say it, but I think this, once again, is proof that so many things are communicated without knowing what is true”added.

And to leave no doubt on the subject, he continued: “That is what we dedicate ourselves to and we are exposed all the time, but no, it is not true and when it is, I will tell it.”

Neither pregnancy nor exclusive

In his meeting with journalists, the star of programs such as Dark wish and The Game of KeysNot only did he deny the alleged pregnancy; Instead, he clarified that he has no plans to sell the news to a publication as mentioned. “No, see it, and you will see that it is not like that”, she said sure.

About her maternity plans, she said they are still on her mind. “Someday, life … I think so, but I’ll share it myself”. In this way, he leaves open the possibility of starting a family in the coming years, a good news that his fans will celebrate when the time is right.

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