Mercedes F1 “Three safety devices saved Hamilton’s life”[F1-Gate .com]

Mercedes F1 says Lewis Hamilton was unharmed in contact with Max Verstappen at the F1 Italian Grand Prix because of the combined effectiveness of the three safety devices.

Fortunately, the crash of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was slow, but it was a very dangerous accident in which Verstappen’s machine ran over Hamilton’s head.

Video and images of the accident proved that the cockpit protection device Halo on the F1 car was protecting Lewis Hamilton’s head from Max Verstappen’s right rear tire.

After the race last Sunday, Lewis Hamilton complained of neck pain, claiming he was likely to visit an expert prior to next week’s F1 Russian Grand Prix. But Mercedes is convinced that Hamilton will “fight” in Sochi.

“I’m happy to say that he’s doing well,” said Andrew Shoblin, trackside engineering director for Mercedes F1.

“He’s complaining of pain in his neck. You can see in the picture how much he was pushed forward during the incident, but he has a little time to recover and There’s also a physiotherapist, Angela, who takes care of him as usual, so you should be able to see him fighting well in Russia. “

James Vowles, chief strategist at Mercedes F1, has revealed three protective factors that have saved Lewis Hamilton from his bad fate.

“I add that this is a testament to all the safety that has been done in F1 over the last few years,” said James Vowles.

“In this case, Halo actually saved his life. The helmet worked well so that it wasn’t shocked and hurt him, and the HANS device worked fine.”

“All three of these devices worked together to make sure it worked to save Lewis. As Shob said, there are some bruise and scratches, but it’s okay.”

Andrew Hamilton also talked about the damage suffered by Lewis Hamilton’s W12.

“I had a little time before I left the circuit so I did a quick evaluation of the car,” said Andrew Shoblin.

“The rear wing is pretty badly damaged. You can see how far it bent during the crash.”

“There was some superficial damage around the wings and floor, but most of the impact was taken by the roll hoop area and the halo itself. They were pretty badly off.”

“A quick glance at the PU doesn’t seem to be a problem. The gearbox will take a closer look when the car returns here, but as I said, most are halo and roll hoop areas. Was limited to ”

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