Nature and adventure therapy master classes are expected in Sigulda

This fall In Sigulda On October 1 and 2, an unprecedented event will take place in Latvia and the Baltics – an adventure and nature therapy conference with various master classes and activities. Professionals from various fields of activity – medicine, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, psychology, social and youth work, education, adventure and tourism, etc., as well as those who want to try and understand how this type of therapy works are invited to apply for the conference and master classes.

There is a lot to be heard about the various therapies offered by specialists, many of them are conversational, in classrooms, some with elements of games and art, but only a few are in nature, with adventures, with getting out of their comfort zone, the organizers point out. The urgency of therapy is growing rapidly with the increase in physical and emotional problems caused by the pandemic. For a long time now, specialists in the world, including those whose internships are common in offices, have been supplementing their internships by going to nature with clients and applying elements of adventure therapy. There is also a growing interest in this type of approach in Latvia.

For those interested on October 1 and 2 In Sigulda “Adventure Therapy Sigulda” The event will provide an opportunity to find out what adventure and nature therapy is, and to go on one of the adventures that adventure therapy practitioners and outdoor enthusiasts will offer in the form of master classes, the organizers say. There will be an opportunity to try forest therapy, test your strength, go on an endurance hike, go on adventures in the woods with fatbike wheels, try your balance on slackline, new moms go on a mini expedition with their little bitches and a lot of all sorts of adventures. The number of participants is limited.

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In turn, the conference will be an opportunity to hear adventure and nature therapy experts from abroad, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Canada and Spain, as well as domestic specialists from education, social and medical fields, as well as from the world of adventure. The conference will take place both in person and online.

The week of the Adventure Therapy conference will be aired on September 27 at 6:30 p.m. Nevin Harpers, the organizers say.

“Adventure therapy has great potential in medical and social rehabilitation, as it offers opportunities that are not available in the therapy room – a new environment and activities that create positive stress are experienced. Overcoming it allows to learn new patterns of behavior This is particularly important in the post-Covid-19 period, when societal and individual behavioral patterns have changed and professional help is increasingly needed to improve mental health. Adventure activities also promote physical health, nature has a healing effect that allows you to overcome anxiety, get out of your head and expand, “says Unda Avota, a member of the board of the Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists, a representative of the” Adventure Therapy Latvia “group of like-minded people.

Thanks to the Latvian health tourism cluster and Sigulda participation in the conference is free of charge for anyone interested. The project is organized by “Adventure Therapy Latvia” in cooperation with the Latvian Health Tourism Cluster and Sigulda county municipality.


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