Review: Samsung QD-OLED GQ65S95B: The first of its kind

Samsung’s new TV revolution

Samsung presents a new top TV with Quantum Dots and OLED panel. In the video we reveal how the new technology works and what the QD-OLED has to offer.


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The Samsung GQ65S95B
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Although Samsung is the market leader in an OLED segment with its smartphones, it left TV panels to its competitor LG Display for ten years. The basic technology was developed there when neither Ultra HD nor the HDR color space were an issue, but well adapted to the new challenges. To date, all OLED TV panels have come from LG and rely on a complex WRGB structure that can be produced safely, in the best quality and with little waste.

While Samsung relied on LCD displays with quantum dot technology for a long time, the Koreans are combining quantum dots with an OLED panel for the first time in their latest top TV. In the video, we reveal how the new technology works, what advantages Samsung’s QD-OLED delivers in terms of image quality and how the television performs overall in our test.

Our detailed test with lots of other measurement graphics is available from our colleagues in the video editorial team, click here.

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Review: Samsung QD-OLED GQ65S95B

Quelle: connect Tech Channel

The time has finally come: Samsung is presenting a new TV with Quantum Dot technology. In the video we show what the QD-OLED has to offer.

17.5.2022 von
Konstantin Grassl and Roland Seibt

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