Seeing the Depths of Veryovkina Cave, the Deepest Cave on Earth Page all – With a depth of 2,212 meters, the Verëvkina Cave or Veryovkina is the deepest cave in the world.

This cave is located in the Arabica Massif, Abkhazia, Georgia region which is home to four of the deepest caves on Earth.

Reported from ZME Science, Veryovkina Cave was first discovered by Soviet speleologists in 1969.

At that time, he had only explored a depth of 115 meters and did not yet know the true size of this gigantic cave.

In 1983, an expedition led by Oleg Parfenov managed to record a depth of up to 440 meters.

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Then another expedition in Veryovkina Cave was carried out in the early 2000s organized by the Moscow-based organization Perovo Speleo and Speleoclub Perovo.

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The expedition proved very difficult and dangerous. The deeper the researchers go, the more it takes to bring the excavated material to the surface, so the dangers lurk even greater.

After several small expeditions carried out, the researchers finally managed to penetrate and reach a depth of more than 1,000 meters.

This achievement inspired Russian speleologists to continue exploring Veryovkina. They launched expeditions every two to three months until finally, in 2017, the researchers managed to reach a depth of 2,212 meters.

With a series of camps during the expedition, it took the expedition members more than four days to reach a depth of 2,212 meters.

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To return to the surface, the expedition crew also needed the same amount of time that they spent, at least, a week inside the Veryovkina Cave.

That is a very long time for such an extreme environment. During that time, they kept in touch with the surface base to provide information about conditions and finds inside Veryovkina.

Veryovkina cave descends almost vertically and is filled with wells with small horizontal alleys.

What’s in the Veryovkina Cave?

Starting from a depth of 800 meters, water flowing through small streams splashes water through narrow alleys.

This makes Veryovkina Cave very humid. In fact, the humidity actually reaches 100 percent with a temperature range of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.

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Along the way down the cave, the expedition team collected samples of rare shrimp and scorpion and possibly new species of microorganisms.

There are also fossil finds imprinted on the rocks that could provide clues as to how the Veryovkina Cave was formed.

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