Several Cases Died Due to Refusing to Give the COVID-19 Vaccine – Apart from complying with the protocol healthGetting a vaccine is an effort to protect yourself from contagion of COVID-19. Although many people are willing to be injected with the Corona vaccine, not a few also refuse because of disinformation and being consumed by hoaxes.

Unfortunately, many of the anti-vaccines eventually died due to experiencing severe symptoms when infected with COVID-19. As is known, the COVID-19 vaccine also works so that the body avoids severe symptoms when infected.

Many of them said they regretted not being vaccinated and only realized at the last moment. Here are some of them quoted by from various sources.

1. Died infected with Corona while sleeping

Anti-vaccine YouTuber Dusty and Tristan Graham are popular for selling antiques. But they also often openly say that the Corona vaccination is a violation of human rights and will not accept it.

However, when infected with Corona, the couple developed complications and severe symptoms and died in their sleep.

“Unfortunately Dusty and Tristan have passed away. Thank you for all the kind words and helping us during this difficult time,” wrote the couple’s daughter, Windsor Graham on the page. GoFundMe.

2. Ingestion of vaccine hoaks make you infertile

A couple from the United States chose to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine because consuming a vaccine hoax could cause infertility and interfere with fertility. Unfortunately, when they were infected, both of them experienced severe symptoms due to Corona.

“The misinformation killed him,” said Wendell’s cousin, Maria Vibandor Hayes, quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (16/9/2021).

It is said that Wendell and Eskew, who was in good health at the time, had a bachelorette party in Nashville. However, a week before being vaccinated, both of them started getting sick. After being tested, both of them tested positive for COVID-19.

Despite not having any comorbid illnesses, they had to be hospitalized and put on a ventilator as their condition continued to worsen. Before long, the bride-to-be had to die from COVID-19.

3. Often ridicules the COVID-19 vaccine, resulting in death from Corona

A man from California, United States, often makes fun of the COVID-19 vaccine on social media. Stephen Harmon, known to be very vocal in opposing the COVID-19 vaccine. This 34-year-old man even often makes sarcastic jokes about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Unfortunately, the man was later treated after contracting pneumonia and COVID-19 at a hospital in the city of Los Angeles. He then died a month after being infected on Wednesday (21/7/2021).

On the eve of his death, Harmon uploaded a photo to document his fight against COVID-19 in the hospital. In his last tweet, Harmon said he would use a breathing apparatus due to COVID-19.

“Don’t know when I will wake up. Please pray for me,” he wrote.

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