Social shopping: particularly convincing younger consumer groups

By merging social media and e-commerce, social shopping opens up economically interesting opportunities for companies and brands to address attractive target groups with products and services. Even if a little more than half of Germans are currently unable to imagine buying something via social media, mostly older people and those with less online affinity, based on our data, it can be assumed that the trend will continue. On social networks, companies can not only reach consumers, but also rewrite the entire customer journey. The normal buying process for products is reversed and, unlike traditional e-commerce, consumers are not necessarily looking, but are found in their social media environment through dedicated influencer campaigns or targeted marketing of the right products. Provided the targeting is correct.

More on the subject: Influencers have grown in popularity over the past few years and are attracting millions of followers. Companies have recognized this trend and are reaching millions of consumers through marketing.

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