Talk to yourself. Radio Choir and Sinfonietta Rīga Concert Program “Prayers of St. Silan” / Article

Conductor Sigvards Kļava, the artistic director of the Latvian Radio Choir, admits that the texts of St. Silanian’s prayers have energetically and filled the creative handwriting of each composer, acquiring a deep dimension in music: it will not be too much to praise him for this feat of life, that one man gives up his life completely, of worldly things, goes into total asceticism to pray for all of us together, for the world, as his followers then do. it was after we created a program with Mother Teresa’s prayers several years ago. Mother Teresa’s path was a continuation of what St. Silan began. “

St. Silan is one of the brightest personalities of the last century in the Orthodox Church. The life and intelligent writings of the monk’s selfless service continue to resonate in the hearts of believers. The concert program includes works by Arvo Perth and Erik Eschenwald’s opus “I Write”, while the concert will feature new works by Andrejs Selickis and Georgs Pelēčs for the first time.

Composer Eric Eschenwald reveals that he was inspired by the preface to Silan’s book, in which the monk wrote, “This is my book, my reflection, and please forgive me for my mistakes.” There the composer found “living in Silano” and composed the preface to the book.

The composer Georgs Pelēcis, on the other hand, is convinced that the idea of ​​the concert is very much needed during the challenges of the pandemic. As for his new work, the composer reveals: “I have chosen the passages from the texts of St. Silanian where the idea of ​​confession is emphasized, as well as the call to think not so much about the worldly, about the worldly. [..] That’s what my piece is about. [..] Mankind lacks love, so much is happening to love, and that’s why many misfortunes today can be explained. “

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Sigvards Kļava points out that the search for our values ​​is often confusing: it’s not that easy at all. [..]

Talking to yourself in life is sometimes the hardest part.

The fact that we live in the middle of a world of computers and television does not mean that there is no other world around us that makes it worth living with even more power. “

The concert program with the prayers of St. Silan for each of us and all of us will be performed on November 26 at the Riga Dome Cathedral.

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