The College of Pharmacists of Alicante takes letters before the risk of closing pharmacies | Radio Alicante | Present

The College of Pharmacists warns that in the province there are at least twenty pharmacies of “compromised economic viability”; that is, their turnover is so meager that they subsist on the subsidy of the corrective index they receive from the Generalitat, through the central government.

Starting next week, the College will articulate measures to advance that subsidy with which it tries to compensate for these low incomes. They have also asked the Provincial Council for help, given the risk that these pharmacies end up closing in the Alicante municipalities of the Spain emptied.

Most are located in areas of the Montana and the region of the Alcoiá. In towns such as Tollos, Benifato, Balones or Beniardá, to the problem of the drop in the price of medicines, the population decline and the annual reduction of molecules due to ministerial orders of reference prices is added.

There are also pharmacies in coastal municipalities as touristy as can be Torrevieja that, by not enjoying a favorable enclave, they are also affected by a turnover well below normal, according to Fe Ballesteros, the president of the College of Pharmacists of Alicante.

For this reason, the College itself will adopt initiatives in this regard. The first, in the Governing Board of this next week: advance to its establishments that correction index advance that they have been receiving since 2011, while the payment arrives from the administration.

Last week the College also met with the Deputation to initiate support measures for the affected municipalities, a commitment that was wrested from the president, Carlos Mazón, says Ballesteros.

For this additional help that they will receive from the provincial institution, they will have to evaluate patient number beforehands that group these municipalities and determine those that are chronic, polymedicated and only receive non-professional external care, explains Ballesteros. In any case, all municipalities that are between one hundred and 200 inhabitants.


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