The International Reasons for China’s Return to Socialism-C View: Shi Yongqing-am730

International reasons for China’s return to socialism

The article pointed out yesterday that after Xi Jinping came to power, he has successfully brought the Communist Party of China back to its original intention to lead China on the path of socialism. This is definitely not an easy task, because the two previous governments regarded economic development as an overriding principle and ignored the work of party building. As a result, many talented party members are keen to go to the sea for business and spend most of their energy on making money. It is not easy for the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party to return a party that has become like this to its original aspirations.

The CCP’s success in doing so requires the cooperation of the international environment in addition to its original intention. Today, I will try to analyze from the international level, why the once-declined cause of socialism can regain its vitality.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the entire socialist camp also fell apart. The American economist Fukuyama once believed that the challenges of socialism and capitalism have had final results; capitalism can certainly dominate the future development of the world. However, as the leader of capitalism, the United States did not make good use of this rare opportunity. The performance of the United States has made the world feel suspicious and disappointed about capitalism.

After the United States became the most powerful country in the world, it did not bring peace and prosperity to the world. In the name of anti-terrorism and anti-dictatorship, she launched many wars and color revolutions around the world, but was not successful, and instead brought more suffering to the local people. The reason is that the United States does not care about the happiness of the locals at all, but aims to plunder local resources and establish its own power in the local area.

The world quickly realized that if capitalism is in charge, only a few developed countries in the world can have a good life, and the vast majority of other developing countries will only continue to be exploited and bullied. It is difficult for them to get their hope for the future from capitalism.

On the other hand, the life of their own people in capitalist countries is not easy, and the disparity between the rich and the poor is getting worse. The wealth of the wealthy created by the Internet can exceed trillions, but ordinary people have to rely on the welfare of the government, lack financial independence, and have no independent life. The BLM activities in the United States and the yellow vest activities in France are constantly resurrecting and cannot be really calmed down. People no longer have hope for capitalism.

Moreover, the financial turmoil of capitalism is lingering, raging once every ten or eight years, causing harm to the entire economic system. Derivatives that were originally used to hedge risks actually have no hedging ability at all. It just transforms the risk, or stores it in a certain corner, but it will eventually be detonated, triggering a global crisis.

The 2008 sub-press storm almost caused the global financial system to collapse. As a result, even the United States had to dispatch its state machinery to rescue the market in order to rebuild market order. After this battle, the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party began to realize that although the market economy has some references, it is not a panacea. They feel that capitalism is aging and declining, and that mankind should look for a better development model other than capitalism. So socialism became the direction of their discussion again. Without the above-mentioned international environment, it would be difficult for the CCP to return to the socialist road.

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