Ukraine: The Levi and Starbucks also left Russia – World

The flight of large Americans from Russia continues at a rapid pace. After McDonald’s farewell, the great Starbucks and Levi’s are also definitely gone, two symbols of a Western lifestyle that are now disappearing from the streets of Moscow and the big Russian cities.

The retreat was in the air for the two giants. In fact, both Starbucks and Levi have already stopped their activities in the country in recent weeks, severely condemning the war in Ukraine. But now comes the definitive exit from the scene, one of which will forever deprive the Russians of a frappuccino or these jeans symbols of rebellion and freedom, coveted during the years of the Soviet Union.

After 15 years in operation, Starbucks has announced the suspension of “all its activities in Russia, including shipments” after the “terrible attack in Ukraine”. That’s why popular brands will be present all over the country again: about 2,000 of its employees, who work in 130 stores, will be paid for six months and Starbucks is confident it will help them find new jobs. The farewell financial impact in Russia has not been estimated by the company. Levi’s instead left Russia after 29 years, also interrupting shipments of its products to the country. At the moment he is looking for a buyer for his business and the Turkish company Fiba Holding AS seems to be in the running.

With the exit of large Americans, Moscow is trying to attract brands from Turkey, China, Brazil and India, countries that until now have remained largely neutral in the face of the invasion of Ukraine, in order to fill the gap on shelves they left. by the west. It is not an easy operation given Russia’s passion for European and American luxury brands.

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