up to 221 euros for the new iPhone & iPad

That’s it, the iPhone 13 is finally available to the general public. Pre-orders are indeed open since Friday, at a price of 809 euros minimum for the mini and up to 1,839 euros for the Pro Max with 1 TB of internal storage. To this is added an additional option that can be selected (or not) during the purchase: AppleCare +. As its name suggests, this service is an insurance that protects the device in several cases.

More specifically, this is the screen breakage. The rear window, made of glass, is also concerned. For two years, subscribers can have this type of damage repaired – twice per period of twelve months maximum – against a deductible of twenty-nine euros per replacement. By way of comparison, here are the usual prices charged in Apple Store if this incident occurs without having previously subscribed to the AppleCare + offer:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max : 361,10 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13: 311.10 euros
  • iPhone 13 mini: 251.10 euros

How much does AppleCare + cost for the iPhone 13?

Also offering a “priority access to […] experts d’Apple“, The AppleCare + warranty only calls for original and sometimes recycled spare parts. Other accidents are also covered, such as those involving the battery. Good to know, however: when the problem is not related to Gorilla Glass or the back glass, the sum to spend to fix it climbs to ninety-nine euros. Otherwise, here are the amounts that must be paid for AppleCare + on iPhone 13:

  • 169 euros for the iPhone 13 and for the iPhone 13 mini
  • 229 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro and for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

In the example where a crack would appear on the screen of an iPhone 13 Pro only once during its first year of use, having opted for AppleCare + would therefore theoretically save just over fifty-three euros.

iPad (9th generation) and iPad mini (6th generation)

At its conference last Tuesday, Apple also presented two tablets: the ninth “classic” iPad, still with the same design, and an iPad mini with a revisited format. Here, the prices are surprisingly more advantageous although the display of each of these products is more imposing. The sum to afford AppleCare + is thus set at 79 euros only.

iPad 9 64 GB at the best price Base price: 389 €

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