Vice President Highlights Role Of Taiwan Americans – News

Vice President highlights role of Taiwanese Americans – News – RTI Radio Taiwan International

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Vice President highlights role of Taiwanese Americans
Vice President William Lai (Image: President’s Office)

Taipei – September 20, 2021. Vice President William Lai (賴清德) today emphasized the role of Taiwanese Americans in Taiwan-US relations. Lai made his remarks in a video message on the 50th anniversary of the Taiwanese Unification of America.

The association was founded 50 years ago by the first generation of Taiwanese who settled in the United States. Because of the efforts of Taiwan-Americans, the association is now one of Taiwan’s biggest supporters abroad.

The organization’s members not only stood side by side with Taiwan, Lai said. At the same time, they also followed Taiwan’s democratic development and, if necessary, supported it. He also thanked the association for pointing out Taiwan’s achievements during the pandemic.

“The spirit and positive energy of the ‘Taiwan Can Help’ and ‘Taiwan Is Helping’ slogans have helped the government donate infection control supplies to other countries and have generated calls for Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly. That was how Taiwan could go out into the world, ”said Lai.

Lai stressed that Taiwan will continue to seek participation in international organizations and develop its relations with friendly countries in the future. Deepening relations with the US have top priority, especially since Taiwan is on the front line of Chinese threats.

He hoped that Taiwan-Americans would help improve economic, social, and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the United States. With a concerted effort, Taiwan could become the pride of Taiwanese around the world, Lai said.


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