Wheel of Five gets a plant-based alternative: ‘Nutrition center is cramping’

The Wheel of Five, the well-known nutritional advice drawn up by the Nutrition Center, is old-fashioned and also harmful to the environment. That says a group of Dutch dietitians. That is why they have come up with an alternative: the Disc for Life, a completely plant-based nutritional advice with an eye for health, but also for the climate.

Dietitian Lobke Faasen is one of the drafters of the Disk for Life According to her, the Nutrition Center is “convulsive and spasmodic” about plant-based food and there are still too many animal products in the Disk of Five. “And if you search the website of the Nutrition Center for how to eat a healthy plant-based diet, you will mainly read about the risks and what you should pay attention to,” Faasen said in the newspaper. NOS Radio 1 News.

Faasen therefore decided to make a different sound. “The Wheel for Life states which foods should be integrated into the diet. We used the model of the Wheel of Five, which allows people to see clearly what they need every day.”

‘Major behavioral change’

If someone carefully adheres to the plant-based nutritional advice, then few additional supplements are needed, according to Faasen. “Vitamin D is, but I think it is good for the whole of the Netherlands to take more.”

Vitamin B12 should also be added to a plant-based diet, says Faasen. “But what many people don’t know is that if you eat less animal products, you also need B12. That applies to vegetarians and flexitarians. People with a completely vegan diet are often more aware of this.”

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The Nutrition Center says in a response to Trouw that it will also focus more on plant-based food in the coming years. Faasen’s initiative is therefore not seen as an attack but as a “tool”, The Nutrition Center does point out that a completely vegan diet would mean a “huge behavioral change” for many Dutch people.

“But that’s exactly the problem,” says dietician Faasen. “Just give optimal advice in line with the sustainability goals we stand for. Citizens can decide for themselves what is feasible.”

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