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Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News (Reporter Lu Chenghan, correspondent Hu Wei, Fu Liwei, Zhang Caidong) learned the lessons of the “4.29” Changsha self-built house collapse accident, and Wuhan launched a “hundred-day attack” campaign against illegal construction of self-built houses. On May 18, Wuhan launched a centralized demolition campaign. 1,260 people were dispatched from 15 districts in the city to demolish 201 illegally built 41,000 square meters of self-built houses in old communities, urban villages, and urban-rural junctions. In recent years, the number of single-day demolition violations has reached a new high.

Under the unified deployment of the Wuhan Municipal Government, the Wuhan Urban Management and Law Enforcement Committee has implemented a three-year action to improve the level of refined urban management. By drawing inferences from one case to another, emergency dispatching and deployment, and quickly launching the “hundred-day attack” action against illegal construction of self-built houses in the city, the city’s urban management departments focus on Conduct on-site inspections of self-built houses under construction and illegal self-constructed houses complained about by the masses. If it is found that the relevant procedures have not been obtained, they will all be ordered to stop and make corrections within a time limit.

At the same time, Wuhan Urban Management also urges all districts to strengthen emergency response teams, strengthen inspection and control efforts in areas with high incidence of self-built houses, such as old communities, urban villages, and urban-rural junctions, and immediately take compulsory measures to eliminate hidden dangers in illegal construction with potential safety hazards. , make every effort to safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property and social stability.

According to the deployment arrangement, the city’s urban management law enforcement officers have highlighted the use of key areas such as urban-rural junctions, urban villages, industrial parks, scenic spots, adjacent water areas and schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, commercial outlets, and the surrounding of stations for catering, hotels, Focus on the illegal construction of self-built houses in commercial business places such as leisure and entertainment, and multi-person shared houses, dormitories, and “three-in-one” places. Qualified housing safety appraisal agencies will conduct assessment and appraisal, and if they are confirmed to be true, emergency response will be implemented in a timely manner; other illegal constructions with potential safety hazards will be dealt with in accordance with the assessment and appraisal opinions, and strive to complete the rectification task by the end of August 2022.

Since May 1, the urban management department of Wuhan has vigorously promoted the “hundred-day attack” action in accordance with the requirements of “examine and arrange, rectify, and sell numbers at the same time”. Up to now, 1,081 illegal constructions of 131,900 square meters have been identified, and 280 illegal constructions of 102,900 square meters have been demolished.

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