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Erika Mattina, insulted on social networks for having passed the selection of the beauty contest. The complaint on the Istagram account “The pearls of homophobes”

Erika Mattina and Martina Tammaro, girlfriends of Arona (province of Novara), did not have time to celebrate a small success who were attacked by insults on social media. The story is this: Erika, who participated in a beauty contest declaring herself a lesbian, passed the various selections for Miss World Italy and reached the final. It is among the 25 who will compete for the Miss sash. She smiles with the crown on her head and maybe she can’t imagine what’s going to happen to her. Because having passed the semifinals exposes her to a series of attacks and insults. They accuse her of having passed the selections only because she is gay. “She passed only because she was a lesbian,” they write to her on social media. Different messages on the web have more or less the same meaning. «Ghiei (sic) are more protected than normal people. Now the gravel is everywhere and always wins ». It’s still. “How does a declared homosexual make the selections for Miss World?” Absurd where we are arriving ». In conclusion, the haters went wild, so much so that the two girls have posted on their Instagram account, “The pearls of homophobes”, where they share images of their lives, some of these hateful messages, spiced with threats, and discriminatory towards the LGBT + world.


The girls can’t believe the hurricane of insults that swept them over. They don’t understand what the connection is between their love and the selection of the contest. How being gay could have produced some advantage. They continue to be amazed by the uproar created by this contest and by the anger that has been unleashed for this contest. But not all the messages arrived are hateful. One user writes: “They just can’t accept the fact that Erika is more beautiful and talented than them.”

The final

The final of the Italian selection of Miss World will be held on September 26: in these days the finalists will have to undergo a series of tests on the basis of which they will obtain a score that will determine the final classification. Erika goes on despite the insults. “You know what you are worth – says Martina, addressing her partner directly – and you know that you have and will always have a lot of people on your side”.

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